Monthly Archives: January 2014

What to bring a new mom

I was surprised by the stuff I needed after giving birth. Going to visit a new mom? You might want to bring some of these things.
Crappy sheets
Granny panties
Gigantic box of maxi pads
Puppy pads
Juice or smart water (A lot – my midwives wanted me on 2-3 quarts a day)
Nursing snacks
Lactation cookies
Vitamin E oil
One handed dinners

But what I can’t stress enough – call her, tell you’re going coming over by a certain time and you’re going shopping for her first… Then ask her to text you a list. That way, she doesn’t have to think of everything immediately, but can still get what she needs. Those first two days, MiMi went to Target at least twice, to get recovery needs, baby supplies we hadn’t thought to get and groceries.