Morning Sickness, OMG Why

Morning sickness is super common during early pregnancy (75% of women have it). Mine isn’t even that bad and I’m still pretty sure I’m going to die.

It’s basically constant low-grade nausea. Everything gives me heartburn. Food is utterly unappealing.

In the two adult, non-alcohol related instances I’ve had of tossing my cookies, it was less about the nausea and more about the certain knowledge that I was about to be ill about 5 minutes before I did. This is not that. This is just continuous feelings of awful, usually packaged with some bone crippling tiredness. Today I practically ran to my office bathroom because I was pretty positive I was going to be sick. I didn’t and I’m glad, but it was a near thing.

SeaBands are supposed to help – wristbands that hit your wrist pressure points. And they kind of do, for a while, but if you’re trying to be stealthy in the office, it looks like you’re wearing sweatbands under your suit jacket and no one is buying it. My wrists aren’t huge, but these things are tiny and they hurt after a while. So I ditched them and now just try pushing on my pressure points when things get bad.

The heartburn… the heartburn is intense. And constant. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to give up coffee and subsist on tea and/or Diet Coke. Antacids barely touch it and when they do, I have sour stomach for the rest of the day. Chewing gum works pretty decently, but my favorite sugarless gum now tastes awful to me… and I’m still only halfway through the carton from Costco. Plus, with TMJ, there’s only so long I can chew. Not to mention that sugarless gum has… effects on your digestive system.

At least the nausea is passing – it seems to have only lasted a few weeks. I don’t think the heartburn is going anywhere, alas.


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