Dream a Little Dream…

Vivid dreams are a common symptom of pregnancy and boy howdy, do I have it! I’m remembering 2-5 dreams per night, something that hasn’t happened since I was in high school and kept a dream journal. (Funny digression, I kept a dream journal until I remembered all of my dreams and journalling took 45 minutes most mornings and I decided I’d rather sleep instead)

And they’re all anxiety dreams. Last night’s dreams featured telling a colleague in a related department that I was going to be out on medical leave in the fall and that we should make a plan to adjust but don’t tell anyone and I couldn’t tell her why just yet. It was super weird and awkward and that feeling continued until I woke up.

The other long involved dream I had involved a wife of an environmentally concerned football player (Ginger) finding the corpse of his first wife (Mary Ann) in a cabin around his house. Which then segued into a long and involved flashback / transport back in time to trying to stop the wedding and getting Forrest Whittaker (who truly loved her) to stop the wedding. As you do.

I mentioned some of my crazy anxiety dreams to my mom, the certified dream therapist (it’s totally a thing!) about an hour before I told her about the news. She told me that it probably signified a time of transition. Yeah, that sounds about right.


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