11 Weeks – First Midwife Appointment!

Hey Baby. You are 11 weeks and 4 days old today. You still look freakish and weird, according to the pictures, but you look more like a person than you did a few weeks ago. I still don’t look pregnant, but my boobs are bigger and my belly fat is rearranging itself weirdly to accommodate the change. We celebrated your 11 week anniversary by going to our first midwife visit and hearing your heartburn. After being told repeatedly that it wasn’t normal to hear the heartbeat at 11 weeks. Is this your way of telling me that you’re not going to be normal? If that’s the case, welcome to the family, kid.

Otherwise, the midwife was a pretty typical awkward doctor visit. The midwife was a little flighty and unfocused at the beginning, but I think that was from trying to read paperwork while chatting with my wife and I. A lot of the intro information was discussed at the info session we went to earlier in the month, so it felt a little old hat. But it’s nice to know what the schedule will be, that it takes longer than I thought to get there from the office and that they seem to run a little late with appointments. Still everyone is super nice and is committed to working with us the way we want to be worked with (always yay). We discussed screening, which I find very scary, but also necessary, so I think we’ll take that plunge soon.


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