Food (or Spaghetti is the Only Kind I Want Right Now)

Oh morning sickness. It’s unending nausea or continual heartburn. At 12 weeks (!!!), the nausea has dissipated, but the heartburn seems to be here to stay. But when the nausea was there on top of the heartburn, food was difficult. I spend the first month eating only baked potatoes for dinner and the second month eating whole wheat spaghetti with butter and salt (my favorite comfort food). Mostly this is because whatever I’d eat for lunch would give me raging heartburn, so I wanted something soothing for dinner.

When you’re pregnant, you actually have to pay attention to max doses of medication (and the rest of you should anyway), so I would eat my max amount of tums and still find myself feeling bad. That’s when I discovered chewing gum is a pretty simple heartburn fix. I’m on my second carton from Costco now.

At this point, spaghetti is still my first dinner thought. It’s quick, it’s tasty, it won’t make the raging heartburn I’ve somehow acquired during the day any worse. Not to mention that even if my heartburn isn’t that bad, the train ride home has started making me super motion sick, so eating after thinking I might hurl for 20 minutes is rough.

Eating when the idea of food is utterly repugnant to you is so. difficult. My wife would just list the different things we could eat and all of them would make me blanch. I started making and drinking fruit smoothies just to make sure I got some vitamins. It’s gotten better now, but I still look at food nervously.

The hardest part is giving up spicy foods and coffee. You guys, this might as well have been my two main food groups. Tea is just not the same for caffeine intake and while Diet Coke is delicious, I can’t afford a 20 oz bottle every morning. Plus, too strong tea can sometimes make me nauseated, which is kind of against the point. And I love sriracha, Indian food and red pepper. As my health insurance’s pregnancy counselor* points out, they’ll still be there once the kid arrives.

No fair, baby. No fair. You better be really freaking cute.

*Yeah, I find this as ridiculous as you do, but my work is paying me $200 to talk to these people. I’ll take it. That’s another post.


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