Heartburn Help!

A few weeks ago, in a moment of desperation, I submitted a question about how to resolve my heartburn issues to The Kitchn. Well, happily, they ran it on Friday. While I did not get the magical recipe list I’d been hoping for, I got some good advice on how to help resolve this. Ones I’m looking forward to trying out:

  • Baking soda in water
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Giving up my pride and taking some damn zantac

I’ve tried papaya enzymes, which really does nothing, unless it’s supposed to be some kind of long term solution, in which case, I don’t have the patience for it. I’ve got a huge bottle at my desk, so I’ll keep taking it with meals (and plenty of water, because it leaves a chalky aftertaste that is nauseating), but blerg.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’ll end with the Zantac, but getting to that last step is hard. I really wanted to go as chemical free as I can in this pregnancy. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken Tylenol. I finally gave in to this week’s super high pollen counts and started taking my claritin. I’ve drastically reduced my caffeine intake. And I’m not even sure it’s worth it, but that’s the narrative, right? If you do anything, your child will have adverse effects and if you don’t, your child will definitely have adverse effects.

I was really kind of hoping to get some magical recipe list to work from with this post. I’ve really lost my cooking mojo along with all my energy. The extra thought required to make a meal is just exhausting. Neither the wife or I really want to cook lately – stress and general fatigue are taking tolls on both of us for different reasons. It’s going to have to change, well, a lot of things are going to have to change with the arrival of this little stranger, but this is a big one. I’m planning on having my 8 month nesting freezer attack, but we’ll have to see what happens. We even tried a trial of Plated (referral link) to try to jumpstart us cooking again, but to no avail. (Plated review – it’s a great service, but at $12 per person per dish and $20 shipping, it’s definitely not cheaper than takeout).

Oh well. It’ll get there again.




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