First Trimester Screening

On Wednesday, we had our first trimester screening. It was a sonogram and I was expecting it to follow the same trajectory as the fertility center sonograms. 5 minutes, some blood and done.

Instead, it took two hours. Apparently, as part of the first trimester screening, they need the baby to be in a very specific position to measure skull density. On its back, looking up in profile. Instead, my kid did variations on this

Go awaaaaaay!

Go awaaaaaay!

or showing us its butt. For two hours. The tech had me use the bathroom, chug juice, do a little dance, and nothing. would. make. this kid. move. until the very last second when I was about to give up. Happily, our tech was delightful, kept reassuring us this was completely normal and made really great conversation. It also meant we got to stare at the baby on the sonogram for two hours, which left me on a high that lasted until the end of the day.

They also have a small blood draw which, I kid you not, involved pricking my finger and squeezing drops of blood onto a piece of paper. We’ll get results nowish, but everything seemed to be good.

The next day, I was super sore. I think I must have been tensing muscles for the entire sonogram, since my abs, butt and calves were all painful. I also started having some unexpected dizzy spells on Thursday and pounding headaches, but I’m pretty sure the two aren’t related and that finally cleared up after two days of lazing around my house practicing good self care.


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