Game: Hungry or Heartburn?


The answer is always heartburn

This is one of my least favorite parts of having heartburn that I’ve had for years. Sometimes it presents as being really, really, bottomless pit hungry, where you eat and then still feel hungry. So then you go eat a sensible snack and then you immediately regret it and feel sick / overfull.

I’ve gotten a lot better about recognizing when this kind of heartburn hits (usually after lunch) and reaching for the tums instead of the trail mix.It’s been bad since I got my soon-to-be adorable parasite, to the paint where I started referencing my afternoon game of hungry or heartburn. The papaya enzymes really seem to have made a difference in the heartburn overall, but I still have bad days.

I started drinking coffee again this week because MY GOD I MISSED IT. And the good news is that I’m not dealing with painful death heartburn, but I am having hungry attacks. So I keep drinking water because it makes me feel like I’m feeding the hunger AND overfull. It’s a lose-lose situation!

So I guess it’s back to coffee as a sometimes food. Dammit, coffee!


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