Week 16 Midwife Visit

Things are starting to get surprisingly routine. This visit was really just a ‘yep, baby’s still in there, you’re not as miserable, let’s take some blood and call it a day.’ It still took 45 minutes, and I got to meet another midwife in the practice, which was nice. I don’t get to specify who delivers this kid, it’s basically who’s on call when I go into labor. This midwife is also pregnant with her first child (VERY pregnant – she’ll have the kid, take maternity leave and be back before I deliver), so we bonded a touch over being nervous.

The most exciting part of the visit, after hearing the baby’s heartbeat again, was getting the prescription for the 20 week anatomy exam. It won’t happen until early June, but we’ll get to see the baby, get pictures and find out the sex (more on that later).

The least exciting part of the visit was the blood draw for the AFP test. I’ve always had hard to find veins and despite drinking my weight in water, I didn’t have a lot in the two hours before the exam, so my veins were hiding. It took 4 sticks to get a vial, first in my left elbow, then my left wrist, then my right wrist, then they called the ‘go-to’ person into the room and she got it from a different part of my right wrist. My left wrist is still a little bruised. And I thought it was rough when the fertility center left a bruise that stayed for 2 weeks or when they drew blood from my hand.

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