imageThings they don’t tell you when you get knocked up… how many pills it will entail. Pictured above is a day’s worth.

Now, I should mention I’m a pretty pretty princess and already take Vitamin D, B, multivitamin and a calcium supplement per my doctor’s suggestion. Once we started talking about babies and I needed new vitamins, I switched to prenatal. I ran out shortly after getting the good news and took advantage of CVS’s buy one get one sale and bought 600 prenatal vitamins (you’re also supposed to take them while nursing).

I talked to the healthy pregnancy counselor, who suggested that I get a prenatal vitamin with DHA and/or take a DHA supplement, especially since I hate seafood. I had, of course, bought the cheapest prenatal vitamins figuring they were all the same, so mine didn’t have them. Well, I wasn’t about to toss 570 vitamins, so back to CVS I went. Turns out most DHA supplements are 300mg and 200mg is the upper limit for pregnant women, so I had to specifically buy a pregnancy supplement (and, like weddings, I think they mark it up because it says the word pregnant on it!!!).

In reading the the Mayo Clinic guide, they also suggested that pregnant women take Vitamin D. Score, I already am! Oh wait, the upper limit for pregnant is 4000iu and I take 5000iu per a doctor’s suggestion (my vitamin D was in single digits before I started taking it, normal range is above the 30s). Confirmed that with the midwife, so I had to shelve my recently bought 5000iu bottles and but 2000iu bottles (since, of course, no 4000iu supplements are made). I take those with the calcium supplement in the morning, since they go best together.

And finally, the papaya enzymes. I don’t know if they’re taming the heartburn or if my body just decided to give me a break, but I’m sticking with ’em for now. Which means three chewed tablets after every meal, not to exceed nine in one day.

I’m really sick of pills.

Of course, my vitamin regiment tends to be a weekday only sort of thing. Without a structured work routine, it all falls apart on the weekend. Of course, now I have my fitbit set to remind me to take a pill at 12:30 every weekend day. It works about 40% of the time, since I’m either out and about or in the middle of things or lazy. But it keeps it to the forefront of my thoughts so I end up taking one eventually.

In conclusion, prenatal vitamins and DHA supplements are FSA eligible and I’m glad I finally trained myself how to swallow pills in my late teens. Sheesh.

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