Still here!

Whoops – it’s been a while since I updated! We’ve hit the busy season with job #2 (being the Wife’s minion assistant at weddings), so we’ve been running around a lot. In addition, I’ve caught some kind of cold / allergy thing. Whenever we sleep with the windows open for an extended period of time, I tend to get super sore Eustachian tubes & throat for a few days. It sucks and I hate it, but it was super hot in our brick house and we haven’t put the window units in, so the windows stayed open. That was two Saturdays ago and I am still miserable, with a wet chest cough, sore everything and fatigue that won’t quit.

School’s started back up and my class this semester looks to be both hard and boring. I’ve finally (finally) reached my pre-pregnancy weight this morning (at the beginning of week 19!) and I can’t stop eating sugar and cheese.

This far along I still don’t really feel pregnant, though I think I may have actually felt the kid kicking for the first time today (!!!!). I also don’t look pregnant either and I’m starting to get a little jealous of my acquaintances also due in October (I have at least 3 friends / colleagues due the same month). They all have bumps and are wearing maternity clothes. I’m bigger, lower abdomen is rounder and harder, but my fatty fat fatness is really hiding the change. I still fit into and wear my typical clothes, they just aren’t as flattering as they usually are. I don’t look pregnant and I’m wondering if I ever will. Which, you know, healthy baby is the only result I care about, fine, but dammit, I’m going to start wanting people to give up train seats. My low back already hurts all the time forever anyway.

One thought on “Still here!

  1. Chiara M

    Catching up. I’m 15.5 weeks, which I think is still pretty early to be showing, but I was all excited and went to prenatal yoga last night, and all of the other women’s bumps are much nicer than mine right now. Bump envy! A blessing and a curse, because I don’t want work to find out, so it’s still possible to hide it. But I totally understand!


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