Anatomy Scan – IT’S A GIRL

After a couple of weeks of not that much, suddenly I have many things! But I’ll take them thing by thing. First thing, we had our anatomy scan on Monday. They recommend getting it at 16-22 weeks, but at our first trimester screen; they recommending waiting until later so things were clearer. We waited until 20.5 weeks.

The suspense was TERRIBLE. I have two friends also due in October who knew the baby’s sex last month. I distracted myself by not thinking about it and running a small contest on twitter. The appointment was at 1:30 on Monday and all of Monday morning was like… OK, so when I proposed to my wife, I did it at home – I made a tableau in the basement and cooked a nice dinner and bought a couple bottles champagne while she was out with friends. She called me to tell me she was dropping a friend off at the metro and would be home in a few minutes. I spent the next 20 minutes at my kitchen sink, washing the same dish over and over in a frenzied excitement while pretending to be casual when she got home. That’s what Monday morning was like.

Not to mention I had a dream early Monday morning where we had our appointment, I forgot the doctor note (which, I would have, thanks subconscious!!!) and the tech told us we were having a boy to our extreme disappointment (which is funny, because I wanted a boy IRL).

At the appointment, literally, she touched the wand to my stomach and told us (after confirming we wanted to know) that it was a girl. And then we both cried (with happiness). The remainder of the appointment was about an hour and a half of checking various anatomy to make sure it was in its proper place and taking ultrasound pictures (which I’ll share eventually). It’s so fun to watch a baby squirm around in your stomach! And man, she was active. Turns out every time I’ve felt her kick, she’s been doing like a somersault or flipping over in there. And she’s doing that a lot.

The words you look for a lot in this situation is “good” or “normal” or “exactly where you should be.” It’s pretty much about the only situation I want to be normal. And everything is. Our baby girl is 13 ounces (about the weight of a can of coke!) and hits due date exactly where we thought it should be. Of course, going through artificial insemination takes a lot of guesswork out of it all!

The evening after the scan, like first trimester, I felt exhausted and sore. Apparently, I was holding the Wife’s hand so hard that her hand got tired, so I must have been tensing, though it didn’t feel that way at the time. It’s been a rough few days that way.

More about our 20 week midwife visit, my new food plan and other fun stuff soon.


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