Shit’s Getting Real

I am 34 weeks. We attended a birth planning meeting yesterday held by our midwives to discuss expectations and plans. At least once I day, I watch my stomach move around with a frequency and intensity that I expect an alien to burst out. I have taken a breastfeeding class and have signed up for two more. We have two showers in two weeks and half our friends with kids are unloading stuff they don’t want anymore on us. (Dear friends who have done this, I LOVE YOU) We’re interviewing a temp for while I’m out on leave.

But the kicker?

I just recycled a bottle of 300 prenatal vitamins that I bought in February. That felt like so many days when I got it, an eternity away. But it’s empty now. And I pulled it out from its hiding place behind a sweater in my cabinet and recycled it in the office kitchen, unafraid that someone would see it and start asking questions. It’s still hard for me to let go of that lingering ‘I CAN’T TELL ANYONE’ feeling. Which is made even funnier, because strangers and acquaintances still don’t realize I’m pregnant until I drop baby hints.

Keep cooking, baby. But this is getting real.


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