Ow. Ow ow ow. Ow.

Sometimes I feel like I should write a book called “The Things No One Told You About Pregnancy.” I mean, I’m sure someone did tell me and if I read month by month in the Mayo Clinic book or somewhere else, I wouldn’t be continually surprised by things. Like, did you know your nipples just leak after birth? Just randomly a thing?

Today, it’s side body pain. Dude, my ribs are killing me. It started at 34 weeks but a few days ago, it got *rough* on my left side. To the point where I can’t sleep on that side anymore. Trust, I’ve tried, but after an hour or two, I have a deep, niggling, something wrong that’s not just sore muscles pain in my abdomen.

So now I can only sleep on my right side, which means that my right hip and shoulder are killing me. I also tend to sleep in a way that I call ‘sentry duty’ – meaning I wake up every hour or two, look at the clock, make sure we haven’t been attacked by aliens, roll over and go back to sleep. Except now I can’t roll over, so instead I get up and go to the bathroom. Because that’s something else that they don’t really tell you, you’ll have to get up multiple times in a night to pee.

But the left side rib pain has become constant. It gets worse, probably when baby girl is kicking me in the ribs, but it’s pretty much always there. The pain level is like a 2, but as anyone with a toothache knows, a constant 2 can become intolerable by hour 6. Tylenol is made of magical fairy dust, at least for a couple of hours, but I’m really trying to stay chemical free during this pregnancy. Off to the chiropractor again today. They didn’t really help last time, but hey, maybe this time? Maybe?

Also, OW.


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