Mothering Instinct

No joke, I just pulled a grown ass man out of traffic. I guess mothering instinct is kicking in? I am still laughing at myself.

See, at the metro stop near my work, there is what looks like a 4 way intersection that is actually a 5 way and affects the crosswalk. When with pedestrian traffic gets a green light, pedestrians always think they can go (even though they have a don’t walk), when in reality, there is a right turn lane that allows cars through for 30 seconds or so. Every damn morning (unless there’s a traffic cop paying attention), someone jaywalks, then nearly gets hit by a car, then has to back up and it slows the whole flow.

This morning, the guy next to me stops, the light goes green (but not the pedestrian light), he looks both ways and steps out into a crosswalk. I say “Dude, no.” and then GRAB HIM BY THE FOREARM and yank him back just as an SUV goes around the corner. Then we both just start laughing. I apologize, the light changes, we start walking, I apologize and say it was inappropriate, he says it’s OK, it was cute and we go about our day.

But yeah, I’m still amazed I did that. In my defense, I am super tired today, so maybe the appropriateness filter isn’t there?


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