How do I do this?

39 weeks. It’s so close, even though the midwife tells me, statistically, I’ll be late. Midwives allayed my unfounded worries that there’s something secretly wrong with the baby.

Today, I find my anxiety shifting. How am I going to be a parent? How am I going to figure out breastfeeding a newborn and going to grad school one night a week? How am I going to do my capstone with a two month old? How do I transition from school and baby to work, school and baby? How will I handle pumping? My request to work remotely one day a week just got denied, so that’s fun.

I think I can handle it. I’m deliberately keeping my class load light, I can drop out if I need to, I’m not the only person with kids in my program.

I just… It’s getting so close. So much to juggle, but it’s all relatively straightforward. How will I cope?

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