OMG, Friday

My due date is Friday. There is every expectation that I’m going to be late, first time mom and all. But seriously, any time now. Any time. OMG.

Regardless of baby, I also stop working after Friday, and honestly, I am so relieved. Things are super busy, I’m training my replacement and I don’t have enough hours in the day right now. I’m cleaning major tasks off my plate, but it’s a lot. The idea of being able to be home, sleep 10 hours, walk the dog whenever, take a nap, make more burritos (… we may have dipped into the freezer stash a bit…), god damn, it’s a relief.

Baby’s room is nearly done, though the crib is more storage than anything else. I’ve told the wife I won’t go into labor until the room is finished. I’ll post pictures when it is. The wife has done some serious work on it and it’s beautiful (she thinks it’s the best decorated room in the house… and she might be right!). She probably won’t even sleep there for the first 3 months (we have a bassinet I’m keeping next to our bed, the closest compromise we have for co-sleeping), but knowing that it’s done, that I can duck in there at 3am and feed the baby while rocking on the glider… it’s going to be a huge relief.

So, basically, right now, I am Jessie Spano.

But, you know, without the need to go to rehab. And if I wasn’t a little scared, frankly, I should be. We’re bringing a people into the world. There’s no takebacks, no undo button, no reset. This is huge (but also she’s going to be very tiny!). I can’t wait and I’m terrified I’m going to screw it up tremendously. You know, the way every new parent feels, except for the part where I am an incredibly unique individual and my experiences are different from everyone else’s.


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