Yesterday in Food

The past week, it seems like I am never, ever eating enough and everything results in low blood sugar nausea. As a result, I am eating constantly. Here, I made you a list:

8:15 – granola bar #1, small glass mango smoothie, iron pill

9:15 – almond butter (yes, from the jar, don’t you judge me), apple #1, coffee

10:15 – granola bar #2

11:45 – (large) handful chocolate covered almonds

1:30 – lunch! chicken apple sausage, arugula salad with chili lime almonds & brie, apple #2, more coffee, prenatal vitamin, DHA

3:45 – brie & crackers (no more sugar!)

4:15 – granola bar #3

5:30 – graze nut box (yes, even with a 6:30 dinner date) (referral link)

6:45 – far more than I care to admit of a tater tot appetizer

7:15 – dinner! cheeseburger & salad. and maybe some more tots.

9:15 – oatmeal cookie

11pm – granola bar #4

And then the burger or tots gave me horrible stomach troubles at 3am last night that have still not resolved themselves. So that was fun.

Moral of the story is I’m giving birth to a granola bar.


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