Monster is not impressed.

Monster is not impressed.

I’ve shared this picture on pretty much every social media site I’m on, but I love it so hard. Monster by Cutesy but Not Cutesy, picked up at this year’s Crafty Bastards.

Crafty Bastards always holds a special place in my heart – I sold at the very first one in 2003 with some friends as a way to make money. I was brand new to DC, making $800 a month as an intern at Arena Stage, living with my aunt and crazily, crazily obsessed with knitting. I was (and still am) a gregarious introvert… which means that I talk a lot, but I have no idea how to interact with people offline, so I found a few friends from LiveJournal (remember livejournal?!) who were local and had similar obsessions. They were paying for a booth to sell yarn and some hats and I figured I’d knit some fun fur scarves and make some cash. That was the beginning of a very, very brief craft fair career, which thankfully died a quiet death.

Anyway, this is all completely irrelevant except to say that I still go to Crafty Bastards annually, except when I’m lazy and/or out of state. Someone gifted us the fancy pants baby swing from the registry, so I figured I’d send the giver a picture and I’d pull out the new Monster we got for the baby to chew on once she’s big enough.

I left Monster in the swing and started generally tidying… then I had to pull it out of the dog’s mouth 5 minutes later. Baby is going to have to learn pretty quick that if she doesn’t want the dog to have it, she can’t throw it on the ground.

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