Still. No. Baby.

Baby was due October 17. It is almost the end of October 25. We are 8 days late.

I. Am. Going. Insane.

I was so sure I was going to deliver at or about on time. I’d been holding out for the 23rd for some sentimental reasons, but we blew by that date. And I shouldn’t be surprised. The midwives told me that statistically, I’d be at least a week late, but I was living in a magical fairyland where statistics don’t apply to me?

We had our 41 week midwife visit on Thursday, where we put together an induction plan of action. Right now, it’s mostly watchful waiting. Yesterday, I had chiro and acupuncture. I had acupuncture again today. I’m also walking up all the hills I can find (the dog is so happy) and doing some other stuff I don’t particularly want to discuss on the Internet.

The good news is that I’m making progress, I think. Cramping is continuing and getting more intense. I don’t think I’ve had any contractions, but then, no one can really explain to me what a cramp feels like and it’s different for everyone. I’m generally exhausted and my reflux is terrible.

The midwives also tell me that, statistically, I’ll have a baby by 10 days last due date. Which, great, but day 10 is also castor oil day. Can I tell you how much I don’t want to deal with castor oil? Because it’s a lot. And the interventions only get less comfortable after that.

I’m just frustrated. Insomnia is hitting me bad this week – either I can’t get to sleep or I wake up and am up, even though I’d really rather sleep for a while longer. I can’t nap. I don’t have the brainpower to do schoolwork.

I would like my baby now, please.

I said please.


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