Magical Unicorn Mama is a 30 something lady in Washington, DC. She’s also married to another lady. No, they are not sisters. Yes, really. If they were sisters, this would be so much more disturbing.

The Magical Unicorn Baby is due in mid-October, which means she really needs to have this shit figured out by then. And stop swearing so damn much.


One thought on “About

  1. MDBethann

    Always love reading your comments (and your recent posts) on APW. I’m a pregnant Marylander due this fall too (Thanksgiving for me). Haven’t had anyone give up a seat on DC’s Metro for me yet, however, and I definitely “show.”

    Also, I found a way to sleep that doesn’t involve side sleeping – use one of those “husband pillows” (I called it a study cushion growing up) and then prop a few pillows on it – then you’re sleeping in a reclined position and it is SOOOOO much more comfortable than side sleeping, especially if you have shoulder problems (or a head cold).

    Good luck and best wishes!


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