I made a baby!

Beatrix Dare, our magical unicorn baby, entered the world at 1:50 am Monday, October 27th. As I’d kind of thought, blogging about how she wasn’t coming meant my water broke an hour later. We had a 20.5 hour labor and 4.5 hours of pushing to get her out. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and probably will ever do. I’m already astounded at how quickly my body has recovered, how little sleep I can go on and at how long ago two nights ago was.

Birth story later, when I’m not as sleep deprived. For now, we need to work on latching and getting my milk to come in.

And now, a baby picture.



Still. No. Baby.

Baby was due October 17. It is almost the end of October 25. We are 8 days late.

I. Am. Going. Insane.

I was so sure I was going to deliver at or about on time. I’d been holding out for the 23rd for some sentimental reasons, but we blew by that date. And I shouldn’t be surprised. The midwives told me that statistically, I’d be at least a week late, but I was living in a magical fairyland where statistics don’t apply to me?

We had our 41 week midwife visit on Thursday, where we put together an induction plan of action. Right now, it’s mostly watchful waiting. Yesterday, I had chiro and acupuncture. I had acupuncture again today. I’m also walking up all the hills I can find (the dog is so happy) and doing some other stuff I don’t particularly want to discuss on the Internet.

The good news is that I’m making progress, I think. Cramping is continuing and getting more intense. I don’t think I’ve had any contractions, but then, no one can really explain to me what a cramp feels like and it’s different for everyone. I’m generally exhausted and my reflux is terrible.

The midwives also tell me that, statistically, I’ll have a baby by 10 days last due date. Which, great, but day 10 is also castor oil day. Can I tell you how much I don’t want to deal with castor oil? Because it’s a lot. And the interventions only get less comfortable after that.

I’m just frustrated. Insomnia is hitting me bad this week – either I can’t get to sleep or I wake up and am up, even though I’d really rather sleep for a while longer. I can’t nap. I don’t have the brainpower to do schoolwork.

I would like my baby now, please.

I said please.


Monster is not impressed.

Monster is not impressed.

I’ve shared this picture on pretty much every social media site I’m on, but I love it so hard. Monster by Cutesy but Not Cutesy, picked up at this year’s Crafty Bastards.

Crafty Bastards always holds a special place in my heart – I sold at the very first one in 2003 with some friends as a way to make money. I was brand new to DC, making $800 a month as an intern at Arena Stage, living with my aunt and crazily, crazily obsessed with knitting. I was (and still am) a gregarious introvert… which means that I talk a lot, but I have no idea how to interact with people offline, so I found a few friends from LiveJournal (remember livejournal?!) who were local and had similar obsessions. They were paying for a booth to sell yarn and some hats and I figured I’d knit some fun fur scarves and make some cash. That was the beginning of a very, very brief craft fair career, which thankfully died a quiet death.

Anyway, this is all completely irrelevant except to say that I still go to Crafty Bastards annually, except when I’m lazy and/or out of state. Someone gifted us the fancy pants baby swing from the registry, so I figured I’d send the giver a picture and I’d pull out the new Monster we got for the baby to chew on once she’s big enough.

I left Monster in the swing and started generally tidying… then I had to pull it out of the dog’s mouth 5 minutes later. Baby is going to have to learn pretty quick that if she doesn’t want the dog to have it, she can’t throw it on the ground.

OMG, Friday

My due date is Friday. There is every expectation that I’m going to be late, first time mom and all. But seriously, any time now. Any time. OMG.

Regardless of baby, I also stop working after Friday, and honestly, I am so relieved. Things are super busy, I’m training my replacement and I don’t have enough hours in the day right now. I’m cleaning major tasks off my plate, but it’s a lot. The idea of being able to be home, sleep 10 hours, walk the dog whenever, take a nap, make more burritos (… we may have dipped into the freezer stash a bit…), god damn, it’s a relief.

Baby’s room is nearly done, though the crib is more storage than anything else. I’ve told the wife I won’t go into labor until the room is finished. I’ll post pictures when it is. The wife has done some serious work on it and it’s beautiful (she thinks it’s the best decorated room in the house… and she might be right!). She probably won’t even sleep there for the first 3 months (we have a bassinet I’m keeping next to our bed, the closest compromise we have for co-sleeping), but knowing that it’s done, that I can duck in there at 3am and feed the baby while rocking on the glider… it’s going to be a huge relief.

So, basically, right now, I am Jessie Spano.

But, you know, without the need to go to rehab. And if I wasn’t a little scared, frankly, I should be. We’re bringing a people into the world. There’s no takebacks, no undo button, no reset. This is huge (but also she’s going to be very tiny!). I can’t wait and I’m terrified I’m going to screw it up tremendously. You know, the way every new parent feels, except for the part where I am an incredibly unique individual and my experiences are different from everyone else’s.

Yesterday in Food

The past week, it seems like I am never, ever eating enough and everything results in low blood sugar nausea. As a result, I am eating constantly. Here, I made you a list:

8:15 – granola bar #1, small glass mango smoothie, iron pill

9:15 – almond butter (yes, from the jar, don’t you judge me), apple #1, coffee

10:15 – granola bar #2

11:45 – (large) handful chocolate covered almonds

1:30 – lunch! chicken apple sausage, arugula salad with chili lime almonds & brie, apple #2, more coffee, prenatal vitamin, DHA

3:45 – brie & crackers (no more sugar!)

4:15 – granola bar #3

5:30 – graze nut box (yes, even with a 6:30 dinner date) (referral link)

6:45 – far more than I care to admit of a tater tot appetizer

7:15 – dinner! cheeseburger & salad. and maybe some more tots.

9:15 – oatmeal cookie

11pm – granola bar #4

And then the burger or tots gave me horrible stomach troubles at 3am last night that have still not resolved themselves. So that was fun.

Moral of the story is I’m giving birth to a granola bar.